Sesame production in the Paraguayan Chaco

Sesame production in the Paraguayan Chaco
Start date: October 2018
Impact: 36 producers associated to the “Cooperativa El Quebracho.”
Investment: USD. 250,437
Department: President Hayes, Chaco.
District: Teniente 1° Manuel Irala Fernández


In this case, the trust project was carried out with Shirosawa company. S.A.CI, a long-established grain agro-export company in Paraguay. Its goal was that of supporting 36 sesame producers in the western part of the country (Chaco), associated to the Cooperativa El Quebracho.

During the survey, the need for technical training in good agricultural practices for these producers, the lack of equipment and technology for production and, consequently, the low productivity of their plots were confirmed.

The main threats that producers in the area face are: high soil degradation and the rainfall regime. These factors demand more technology for the implantation of their crops.

The project that was implemented in Teniente 1° Manuel Irala Fernández provided equipment to improve the productivity of their lands and as a result, improve the living conditions of their families. It covered the provision of inputs, technical assistance, the collection of production and marketing of their grains.

Shirosawa company. S.A.CI formalized a purchase agreement with the producers, providing them with direct benefits such as seed provision, transport service, technical assistance and competitive prices.

In addition, these small producers, by adding a significant volume of grains, managed to improve on the requirements currently demanded by the market: clean, dry and quality grains.