Economic improvement of family farming

Economic improvement of family farming
Start date: November 2018.
Impact: 200 families of farmers.
Investment: USD. 260,268
Department: San Pedro.
District: Santa Rosa del Aguaray


The “Economic Improvement of Family Farming through specialized technical assistance in white sesame and corn crops” Project was carried out in the San Rosa del Aguaray district, about 250 km from the capital, with the support of a sesame agro-export company and Chia, Agro Nebai SA.

In this area, the main productive activity is that of basic grains (corn-beans), and as an income item, sesame, crops planted in small plots.

This project sought that small producers, around 200 families, make the production of white sesame, but providing solutions to three key aspects in the problem of production and food safety of families; increase production per hectare, train producers in good agricultural practices and secure the market.

To this end, worked was done on developing demonstration plots of crops that achieved greater productivity and as a means of instruction for small producers. Training sessions in good agricultural practices were also held, and a traceability system was established that committed the same producer throughout the chain.
To guarantee the market, joint marketing agreements were signed between producer organizations and the company Agro Nebai S.A. Prior to this, training was carried out on the concept of joint marketing aimed at increasing production in volume and quality.

In this way, the producers had access to training, managed to mechanize their plots and received the inputs on time, key aspects that finally gave greater profitability and income for families.

It was possible to grow by 25% of productivity in sesame production, with an increase of 600 to 800 kilos per hectare. In corn production, growth was of 20%.