Increased productivity family agriculture

Increased productivity family agriculture

Increased production with the Sagrada Familia Committee

General Elizardo Aquino, San Pedro

  • Impact: 125 producers
  • Starting Date: September 2015
  • Total Investment: USD 100.000

Fidei Paraguay


125 producers form a committee dedicated to grain cultivation in the district of General Elizardo Aquino, in the department of San Pedro.

Shirosawa Company (SCO) is a partner company in the commercialization of its products which drives a project with FIDEI funds in order to promote better farming practices, training and technologies that allow the elevation and maintenance of the capacity of soils, which have degradation rates due to constant use, in order to ensure a good and sustained harvest. Some 250 hectares of sesame are grown.

The association, with almost 20 years of experience, is made up of mostly young people who are a new generation of small farmers seeking alternatives for the development of their families and community. They have their own property, utensils and some machines for community use.

Miguel Angel Roa, president of the Committee, highlights his interest for learning how to introduce good agricultural practices that will make it possible to recover and enhance production. “We were interested in the project because we need to introduce technology in order to improve production,”, he says.