FIDEI began with the creation of a trust fund that aimed at the inclusive agricultural development of Paraguay, driven by leading agricultural companies and non-profit organizations, with the aim of supporting small farmers and neighboring communities for the generation of shared values: social, economic and environmental.

As an autonomous equity, FIDEI complies with the provisions of Law 921/96 of Fiduciary Business, integrating four companies which joined their common objectives: Syngenta, Desarrollo Agrícola del Paraguay (DAP, for its acronym in Spanish), Paraguay AgriculturalCorporation (Payco S.A.) and Cofco International Paraguay S.A; and two non-profit organizations: Fundación Solidaridad Internacional and Fundación Moises Bertoni.

FIDEI is implemented based on a transparent and sustainable model that integrates both, a revolving fund and a social fund, in each productive project.

The revolving fund is refundable and finances production activities; whereas the social fund is non-refundable and it provides training opportunities to the producers, as well as improvement in the infrastructure and activities for the development of their communities. It is the refundable component that ensures the maintenance of its capacity and long-term impact.

With the approval and signing of the bylaws of FIDEI, on August 25th of 2014 the activities for the identification, formulation, assessment and monitoring of projects, started.